Why Us?

We tried to tell you in 3 steps why you should choose us.

Halal Product

Sales in all our products, the islamic conditions and is manufactured in Turkey. All of our product contents have "Halal Certificate".

Not only the contents of the product, but also all auxiliary materials, such as the packaging the product comes into contact with, are required to submit a halal certificate from our suppliers.


The second criterion after our products are halal is our quality policy.We do not use any substances threatening your health in production.

Taste, smell and flavor that will appeal to both your eyes and stomach are some of our important criteria.We do not offer any products that we and our children can not consume.

Reasonable Price

After our "Halal" and "Quality" policy, the most important issue is our "Price" policy.

Without compromising on quality, we do our best to offer the highest quality products at the most affordable price.Compared with equivalent products, you can easily observe how much better quality and price of our products.


Various Products







Our Services

Quality products are not enough, we have adopted the principle of quality service.

Customer Service

Due to the importance we attach to corporateism, we provide more than 8,000 customers with free software to manage their products and accounts.

Suppliers Services

By starting our service concept from production, we provide free software to all our suppliers to monitor their production, orders and accounts.

Online shopping

If you cannot reach any of our sales points over 8000, you can easily access our products through our Online Shopping system and order with confidence.

Oppen to Offers

If you are an institutional manufacturer, if you care about quality and have the necessary quality certificates and certificates, you can submit your offers by entering our website.

Product Inquiry

we provide the content, production, manufacturer and analysis information of any product you purchase in a clear and transparent manner to all our customers. Just enter our site and query.

Information Technology

With our Research & Development department located in Kocaeli University Technology Development region, we develop all the software needs of our company ourselves.

About Us

Ciloglu Food

We are continuing our happiness adventure starting from 1996 with determination and determination as one of the leading companies of the sector with the export of food products to 18 countries in Europe. We offer our services to our customers with the guarantee of delivery to Germany within 24 hours and within 48 hours to other European countries.

Our customer representatives carry Çiloğlu products with care to more than 8000 customers per week. Çiloğlu Handels GmbH participates in many international food fairs every year and represents our country with pride and increases its wide customer network day by day.

Quality Management

Çiloğlu Group; 100% customer satisfaction oriented approach to all services. The most important stones of the food sector; is aware of the need to build on human health mechanism. Accordingly, our products are developed by using natural food dyes in compliance with halal food criteria and in conditions suitable for health.

Çiloğlu Group; uses the latest systems in logistics, corporate resource planning and sales. The Çiloğlu family knows that achieving the goals in the new world order is through innovation and technology and continues research and development activities in all units in line with this principle.

The members of the Çiloğlu family successfully achieve business discipline with an innovative approach based on continuous change and development.

Our Goals

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products focused on 100% customer satisfaction at the most affordable price to the most points.

The Çiloğlu family is committed to developing highly motivated efforts to maximize the efficiency of its members. Research and Development To increase our quality and product range by continuing our activities in a disciplined manner and to proudly introduce our 100% Turkish products all over the world.

To provide our customers and suppliers with a centralized system software to track all product movements, accounting follow-up, as well as their orders and feedbacks, and to provide an easier traceability and communication environment.